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Dear Christ Community Family,


We didn’t ask for any of it, but the radical changes we’ve been seeing in the world and in our own community have continued to move at lightning speed.  And if you’re like me, I don’t much like feeling as though I’m out of control or being told what I can or can’t do! 


Now with public safety at risk, with the health of those we love at risk, the Administrative Board of Christ Community has determined it is in the best interest of us all to suspend worship services and programming until further notice. This suspension will include ALL onsite or face-to-face programming.  As the pandemic plays out, the situation will be continually reevaluated and a determination made about when it will be safe to meet again. 


In the meantime, I challenge you to remember this - the early church did not gather weekly in a building with screen projection or electric guitars!  It started small, building within hearts and homes long before larger gatherings came to be.  And so it will be for us.  Each Sunday you can watch the teaching I’ll be sharing on our Facebook page or YouTube.  Throughout the week we can stay connected via Facebook, text and telephone. 


If you haven’t yet ventured into Facebook, I encourage you to do so, if for no other reason than to connect to our church page.  I’ll be connecting with you there several times each week.  You’ll find the most up-to-date church news there.

I leave you with these strong words of Moses, the man who like us, forged through things in life he never expected or wanted.  Still, God used him to lay a foundation we stand on yet today.  These words are an encouragement to me and I hope they are for you, too. 

Deut. 3:8 NIV - The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”



May the peace of Christ be yours,



Pastor Becky  

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